Battye, Melanie

I was born and raised in Ontario. After university, I moved out to BC to pay off my debts as a tree planter. After my first season, I was offered work as a Forestry Technician. I had no idea this field of work existed and loved it. I have been in the field ever since working for consultants, industry, government and myself. Most recently, I have been working for the Ministry of Forests in Wildfire Rehabilitation and as an Authorizations Technician. I enjoy hiking, canoeing, camping and gardening when I can find the time! I am taking the master’s program in hopes of becoming a more valuable natural resource professional. My goal is to become a Registered Professional Forester and continue building my career with the public service.

Andrea Bittencourt

Bittencourt, Andrea

I am Déa and I am from Brazil. I have an undergraduate degree in Forest Engineering, plus an MSc and a Doctorate in Forestry Biometrics from the University of São Paulo. I am interested in several aspects of Forest Biometrics such as forest inventory, sampling, statistical analyses, growth and yield modelling, and analysis of other natural resources including biomass and carbon. Both my graduate degrees involved a lot of field work in different ecosystems in the Tropical forests. I also worked as a teaching assistant for courses such as Forest Inventory, Forest Economics and Biostatistics. During my doctoral program, I went abroad to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as a Visiting Assistant Researcher to work directly with Professor Timothy Gregoire on using line intercept sampling to quantify dead wood debris. Later, I went back to Yale to teach the graduate-level course “Sampling Methodology & Practice”. Since I completed my studies I have been working as a forestry consultant. Life events brought me to Canada where I started last year an MSc program with Professor Bianca Eskelson at UBC. I realized the MSFM program better suited my goals of learning more about Canadian forests and working towards the RPF designation.

Hannah Crisp

Crisp, Hannah

I am excited to be returning to the South Coast again for the MSFM program. I am originally from the lower mainland, and I completed my B.Sc. in Natural Resources Conservation at UBC Forestry in 2018. I ended up in the northern town of Dawson Creek, B.C after several Co-op placements. I have grown to cherish the vast landscape and quiet lifestyle, but I also live in the resource-extraction centre of our province. I perceive the cumulative effects that energy and forestry sectors have on Treaty land, wildlife and rural communities. I have been challenged by my job with the Ministry of Forests to rebuild the Northeast Woodlots program. My work has aligned with my ongoing interest in small-scale forestry. I also have an ongoing relationship with relational databases, so my focus fluctuates between Access queries and landscape-level planning. I am working towards my RPF designation, and my goal is to help transition BC forest management to the next phase: wherein UNDRIP, wildlife management, climate change and timber utilization are prominent themes. When I am not working, I busy myself with gardening, jamming with my band, exploring the wilderness; often in frigid temperatures, but whenever possible somewhere warm like Australia.

Kacey Curiston

Curiston, Kacey

Kacey (she/her) hails from Comox BC where she grew up spending summers boating and camping, and winters up Mt. Washington. She travelled in her early 20’s, working in bars and restaurants and making friends from all over the world. Her passion for nature was fueled by observing many different landscapes and forest types, and she often found herself discussing climate change and human impact on nature with people she met, which led to her moving back to Vancouver Island to pursue an Undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. She initially intended on protecting nature from humans, but learned that you cannot separate humans from nature. Kacey enjoyed summer jobs performing ecological restoration, as well as collecting and analyzing ecological data. After graduation, Kacey worked for the BC Wildfire Service which cultivated her interest in forest management. She believes in being proactive, challenging the status-quo, and that collaborating between groups can bring benefits to all. When she’s not studying, you can find Kacey hiking with her rescue pups, having philosophical discussions with friends, or napping in her hammock.

Laura Curran

Curran, Laura

Growing up in Toronto, I always enjoyed spending time outdoors in my local ravine. My love for nature sparked my interest in forestry, which led me to complete my HBSc from the University of Toronto in Environmental Science and Forest Conservation with a minor in Environmental Studies. I gained field experience as a summer research assistant working in Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve studying methane flux from trees. I learned about urban forestry by mapping the extent of the invasive species Japanese knotweed using GIS software in Toronto’s ravine system. This spring, I collaborated on creating a manual for volunteer stewardship on public ravine lands with the group Toronto Ravine Revitalization Science. I hope to become an RPF so I may work within the field of forestry to ensure Canada’s forests are safeguarded and managed with high standards, especially with the threats of climate change. By seeing how forestry operates in a different province, I hope to gain a broader perspective on the forestry industry in Canada. When I’m not learning about forests, you might find me on hiking trails, cycling around, or swimming. I am keen to explore western Canada and observe the diverse forest ecosystems it hosts.

Yudel Huberman

Huberman, Yudel

My name is Yudel Huberman. I grew up in Vancouver and came to forestry through my love for hiking and being in the outdoors. Spending so much time in the forest made me want to know more about the trees and plants I was seeing. I have recently graduated from the Natural Resources Conservation program at UBC’s faculty of forestry. Throughout the period of my degree, I had fantastic work opportunities through the co-op program. These included researching and writing about boreal forests in the Northwest Territories for the Canadian Forest Service, helping to implement the Great Bear Rainforest agreement with BC’s Ministry of Forests, and working as a field and lab assistant. By the time I graduated, I realized I wanted a career advocating for ecologically-based forestry. I am particularly passionate about maintaining diverse and abundant understories through the rotation period. I am excited to join the MSFM program in order to learn more about forestry in BC and to eventually become an RPF.

Levi Kelbert

Kelbert, Levi

Growing up in Kelowna, BC I always had a love for the outdoors and enjoy many outdoor activities. This includes everything from fishing and camping at the many small mountain lakes in the area, hunting in the fall, or exploring the vast network of forest service roads by motorcycle. For the past three summers, I have worked with the Okanagan Sterile Insect Release Program where I helped monitor and curb the spread of the codling moth in the many apple and pear orchards in the Okanagan Valley. During the past school year, I worked at the Gorman Brothers Mill in West Kelowna which helped me develop an appreciation for the positive impact the forestry industry can have on communities. This spring I graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor’s of Science in microbiology, but I have come to realize that I am much more passionate about forests than bacteria. I hope to pursue a career as a Registered Professional Forester so that I can have a positive impact on the management of the forests that have influenced my life in so many ways.

Li, Zhu Feng

I come from Toronto and I studied environmental geography and forest conservation at University of Toronto.

Paul Lichtblau

Lichtblau, Paul

I grew up in northwestern Ontario and have called BC home since 2007, Vancouver from 2011. Upon arrival in BC I was immediately struck by the diversity in landscapes, biota, and cultural histories that shape the province. I completed my B. Env. at Simon Fraser University with focus in resource and environmental management. For the past several years I have been working part-time with a local carbon neutral landscaping company, and during field seasons was employed as a research technician through federal and provincial governments. These positions provided unique and rewarding experiences, valued insight and guidance from forest research and industry professionals, in addition to exploring the province like I never thought I would! I have many hobbies that all have a common factor: being outside… Others include cooking and planning the next outing. I look forward to the MSFM program, learning from the experts, working towards RPF designation, continuing a career in forest management and research, and meeting new people, Cheers!

Kelly McLeod

McLeod, Kelly

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly, and I grew up in Mission, BC. My academic portfolio includes an Honours degree in Physics with a Mathematics minor from the University of the Fraser Valley, and two years of postgraduate research and coursework experience in climate modelling which I completed while living in Capetown, South Africa. My resume consists of forest engineering work, wildland firefighting, many years in silviculture/tree planting, ski patrol, and a variety of other outdoor jobs I got my hands on. I am excited for the opportunity the MSFM program provides me to bring together my educational pursuits and my passion for BC’s forests. I aspire to become an RPF and continue my career in forestry and wildfire management.

William Mcrae

McRae, William

My name is William McRae and I am from Chelsea, Quebec. I graduated from Bishop’s University in 2015 with a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography with a minor in economics. I come from an active family and developed a passion for the natural world at a young age. My interest in the forest industry really blossomed in 2013 when I got a job in a tree planting camp in northern Alberta. I continued working in silviculture for the next 8 summers in a variety of positions and finally explored another side of the industry when I took a job working for a forest consultant in 2019. This latest work experience really solidified my career path and pushed me to apply to this master’s program. I am very excited to learn new skills and begin working towards my professional forester designation. 

Randy Mitton

Mitton, Randy

My name is Randy Mitton. I’m currently living in Williams Lake, British Columbia, but was raised in multiple locations throughout BC.  I recently completed a BA in Geography from the University of Victoria and have been working for the BC Wildfire Service for the past 10 years. Throughout my career, I have worked on projects for natural resource districts, fisheries and search and rescue.  I look forward to sharpening my natural resource management skills and learning all I can about forestry from this program and from all of you. My goal is to gain more knowledge and round out my forestry experience.  Future dreams include furthering prescribed fire and wildfire use as a forest and landscape management tool. I love to ski, bike, hike, climb and play squash.  Hopefully I’ll see you all in the classroom and on the slopes.

Hugh Morrison

Morrison, Hugh

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2018 with a bachelor’s of Arts (Major International Relations) and Journalism, with the intention of pursuing a career in policy writing. I’ve always loved working outdoors, and after travelling to Canada in 2019 I became interested in Forestry. I had a great time tree planting this summer and am looking to earn my RPF accreditation over the next couple of years, and specialize in fire risk management.

Johanna Reinholt

Reinholt, Johanna

I grew up in Williams Lake, BC with both parents as foresters. After a few years in BC, my family moved to Ontario and I spent my teenage years in Oakville, Ontario. I always heard about forestry from my parents, but never considered it as a career. I decided to study Life Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and after graduating I spent many years doing various sales positions. I knew sales wasn’t the career path for me, so I decided to take a step back and review what I truly wanted to pursue as a career. I love the outdoors, and on my days off you will find me in the forests and mountains, either trail running, hiking, camping or skiing. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to be outside and I would be contributing to the health, sustainability and productivity of our forests. That’s when forestry came to mind. I am thrilled and proud to be entering the Master of Sustainable Forest Management program at UBC. I look forward to an exciting future ahead!

Heather Robotham

Rowbotham, Heather

My name is Heather Rowbotham, and I’m excited to be a part of this year’s MSFM cohort. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Growing up in a remote area, I became an avid outdoor enthusiast. Through these outdoor pursuits, I saw how important forestry was to the environment and the communities that depended on it. My interest in the world around me lead me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. During my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with forest ecosystems, and how they are managed. These passions have prompted me to pursue my RPF in BC, and the MSFM program is the perfect way to do that. This year I look forward to meeting my cohort and learning more about forest management!

Paul Sewell

Sewell, Paul

I was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, where I spent much of my youth exploring the natural areas in the great lakes basin. I received an undergraduate degree at McMaster University specializing in chemistry; however, summers spent tree planting in northern Ontario turned my interests towards environmental science and forestry. This led me to pursue a M.Sc. in Soil Science at the University of Alberta, where my thesis focused on the effects of topography and retention harvest on soil organic carbon dynamics. I have spent the past few years working as an environmental consultant in land reclamation, and with Alberta Wildfire conducting fuel inventory and assessing fuel loads in Alberta’s forested areas. My work experience has led to a passion for forestry and wildfire management.  I am really looking forward to joining the MSFM program and broadening my knowledge and skillset.

Martin Smith

Smith, Martin

I am from Oakville, ON. In 2016, upon completion of my bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Waterloo, I moved to Revelstoke, BC. Since then I have managed crews and contracts within forestry and oil, gas, and mining reclamation. This work is extremely rewarding and has grown my interests in sustainable forest management. I have a passion for wild places and the resources they sustain. My recreational pursuits including ski touring, mountaineering, foraging, fishing, and backpacking revolve around and fuel this passion. As a result of my experiences it has become my aspiration to have a significant and lasting impact on forest ecosystems and pursue a career as a Registered Professional Forester. The Master of Sustainable Forest Management program is the right step for me to apply myself and my ethics in an influential way. I look forward to skill and knowledge development over the course of the program.

Mark Tallman

Tallman, Mark

My name is Mark and I live in Nelson, BC. I grew up in Vancouver, where I earned a B.A. in Sociology from Simon Fraser University. I also completed 1 year in Forest Technology at Selkirk College. I recently left my career in sustainability, marketing, and data analytics to pursue my passion for forest sustainability. I have worked as a forest tech doing layout across the northern interior and south coast areas of BC. Now I’m ready to take my career to the next level and become a professional forester with the MSFM program. I’m keen to learn how to apply sustainable, ecosystem-based approaches to forest management. Outside forestry, I’m passionate about rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and fungi!

Suniva Thangaraj

Thangaraj, Suniva

My name is Suniva Thangaraj. I have been fascinated by trees and forests as long as I can remember. Growing up in San Diego & Hawaii has nurtured that love of nature and natural habitats. I have just graduated from the College of Arts & Science at the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Music. At the University of Oregon, I was exposed to a fascinating array of subjects pertaining to forestry. One particular course of study was called ‘Forests & Society’ taught by Professor Lucas Silva. This course helped deepen my interest in Forestry. I truly believe that forests are so important for humans and animals. Forests help mitigate climate change, prevent soil erosion and so much more. Last summer I interned with a non-profit organization called ‘Nearby Nature’. Another summer I worked at a snorkel/dive shop on Maui. My hobbies are music, tennis, volleyball, soccer and hiking. I hope at some point to fulfill my ambition and desire to work for the US Forest service.

Nathaniel Woehrle

Woehrle, Nathaniel

I grew up in Tsawwassen, British Columbia but have spent the majority of my adult life bouncing around the province’s interior. I attended the University of Northern British Columbia where I graduated with an Environmental Studies degree focusing in natural resource management. In order to pay for my schooling, I began work with the BC Wildfire Service, which has since evolved into a career post-graduation. I have worked as a forest technician during the winter and have been exposed to a variety of forestry operations during my tenure in wildfire. This experience has led me to pursue my RPF designation through the MSFM program. I was initially attracted to the program due its holistic approach to forest management and its central focus on sustainability. I am excited for that sea air, the north shore trails, and to further my career in the forest industry.