Xin Yu Zheng (Forest Resources Management)

Remote Sensing Analyst at Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, BC

Xin smiling in front of trees.

Deforestation Remote Sensing Analyst with Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, BC (currently remote). I am responsible for visual satellite image interpretation and analysis while incorporating high-resolution images tools such as Google Earth in ArcMap to detect new deforestation events between the years 2016 – 2021 in 3km x 3 km cells. After finding a deforestation event that has an area of a minimum of 1 hectare, I need to delineate the event and record proper attribution (eg. forest pre-type, post-class, and current land use). This co-op work term not only has given me the chance to apply the remote sensing knowledge I have learned in my forestry courses in real-life work experience while learning new skills, I was also able to meet more people to build connections outside of school and I think it is extremely important to have good connections because it will benefit me in my future career. The actual working experience was probably the most valuable to me because it will help me prepare and know what to expect in a working environment.

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