Vision and Goals


To foster an environment of:
A supportive network of student peers and industry professionals
Life experiences, career aspirations, and advice
To build unique sets of skills and effectively communicate them
To lifelong learning and service


The Forestry Tri-mentoring program brings together a diverse group of passionate mentors and mentees to explore the meaning of “career” in the 21st century while gaining the confidence, courage, and openness to experiment and learn from diverse career-building experiences.

Program Goals

  • To provide all Forestry students with access to a mentorship experience within a caring, inclusive and diverse community of peers and professionals
  • To provide all Forestry students with access to a career exploration program that encourages building a diverse network that will support them in achieving their career goals
  • To effectively use the technology of social networks to enable mentors who are not working in the lower mainland to participate in the program, while increasing the diversity of our mentor community and access to the program
  • To establish a culture that values professional development, coaching and service
  • To role model self-awareness, goal setting, and lifelong learning
  • To instill a sense of purpose and capability, where participants have identified their next career-building experience

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to articulate their interests, current skills, and volunteer/work experiences verbally and in writing
  • Mentees will be able to identify and explain their personal goals for the program
  • Participants will be able to effectively communicate within an intergenerational, diverse and professional environment
  • Participants will be able to identify their next step in their career development journey
  • Mentees will be able to identify how their mentoring relationship has influenced their career ideas and learning