The program matches junior and senior undergraduate students from Forest Sciences, Natural Resources Conservation, Wood Products Processing, Forestry (Resources Management and Operations), Urban Forestry, and Forest Bioeconomy and Sciences Technology with UBC Forestry alumni and industry professionals. Participants are matched into groups of 3, called triads. Each triad consists of a junior student, a senior student and alumni/professional, and meets at least 5 times between October and March (including 2 events hosted by the Faculty of Forestry).

Diagram indicating how the Tri-Mentoring Program works

There are two major events held as part of the Tri-Mentoring Program: the Kick-Off event and the Year-End Celebration. These dinner events are usually held at the Forest Sciences Centre at UBC and provide opportunities for triads to meet, and for both mentors and mentees to expand their personal and professional networks. For the 2020-21 year, we will be hosting these events in an online format, with the same objectives. Outside of these events, triads are expected to meet 3 additional times. These meetings can be whatever works best for the triad – meeting for coffee, attending an event together, job shadowing, practicing for an upcoming job interview, etc.

Mentees participating in the program will complete two ‘assignments’ during the program in order to support their career learning and provide an opportunity for reflection.

For more details, visit our Program Dates page.