What is the Tri-Mentoring Program?

trimentoringTri-Mentoring is a unique experience for students to connect with peers and industry mentors while exploring career interests and gaining practical communication, networking and career savvy skills.
Mentors gain the satisfaction of positively contributing to the confidence and development of next generations of professionals.

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Benefits for students

  • Build connections and a sense of community in the faculty
  • Explore who you want to become and receive guidance on how to get there
  • Gain confidence and learn to market yourself

Benefits for Mentors

  • Self-reflect and share life lessons and stories
  • Develop, strengthen and role model your coaching skills
  • Join a group of mentors who share similar values and increase your professional networks

Meet some of our current mentors

What people are saying about the program

“My conversations with my mentor truly broadened my vision and opened up new avenues for where I want to take my career” – Mentee, 2016-17

“The conversations that I have had with my mentor are extremely insightful and helpful especially as I feel like I have a network of support and a connection, as well as new point of view that I can rely on and take account of” – Mentee, 2016-17

[I chose to participate in this program] because my career has been very satisfying, and I wish to give back and inspire others who are entering this field.” – Mentor, 2015-16

“My mentor took my senior mentee and I to one of his mills. It was an eye-opening experience for me because it was the first time I had ever gone to a mill. Having this experience helped me see a wide range of options for what my future could hold, but it also helped narrow down the possibilities of what I want to do.” — Mentee, 2015-16

“A memorable moment was helping one of my students out with a mock interview. I think it really helped to calm his nerves, improve his skill level, and increase his confidence. – Mentor, 2015-16

 “I really liked listening to my senior mentee asking our mentor questions when we met together. All her questions about her doubts, the pros and cons of each major were really relevant for me.” – Mentee, 2015-16

“It was great reading [my mentees] expressions when providing real life experiences and insights from the employer’s perspective.” – Mentor, 2015-16

“Through her [my mentor’s] support, I was able to realize that I have found my place at UBC and helped me feel more comfortable in the path that I am choosing to take for my career.” – Mentee, 2015-16