Elizabeth Wolkovich Receives UBC Killam Research Fellowship

UBC Forestry is excited to announce Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich is a recipient of the 2021 UBC Killam Research Fellowship. Awarded to exceptional and promising faculty members, this fellowship enables faculty to devote full time to research and study in their field during a recognized study leave.

Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich standing by the shore

Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich’s Accomplishments

Dr. Wolkovich’s research draws on theory from temporal community ecology with perspectives from population and ecosystem ecology, evolutionary biology, and climatology. Specifically, Dr. Wolkovich examines the causes and consequences of plant invasions and the effects of climate change on the temporal assembly of plant communities.

As a leader in emerging research investigating how communities assemble and dis-assemble as a result of global change, Dr. Wolkovich also holds a Canada Research Chair in Temporal Ecology.

About the UBC Killam Research Fellowship

Since its start in 1965, more than 2,000 UBC professors, fellows, students and scholars have received Killam support for their research and scholarship. These awards recognize the research excellence and scholarly achievements of faculty from across all disciplines, ranging from medicine and applied and natural sciences to arts, social sciences and humanities. Learn more about Killam Awards and Fellowships.

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