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Hamish van der Ven

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Business Management of Natural Resources

4644 - 2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604.822.4142

Hamish van der Ven (PhD, University of Toronto) is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Business Management of Natural Resources in the Department of Wood Science. His research focuses on sustainable supply chain governance and the impacts of online activism on business behaviour. Prior to joining UBC, he held positions at McGill University and Yale University.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Sun, Y. and van der Ven, H. (2021). Swimming in their own direction: Explaining domestic variation in homegrown sustainability governance for aquaculture in Asia Ecological Economics 167: 1-11
van der Ven, H. and Sun, Y. (2021). Varieties of Crises: Comparing the Politics of COVID-19 and Climate Change Global Environmental Politics 21(1): 13-22
van der Ven, Hamish (2021). Comparing Voluntary Sustainability Standards: Blindspots, Biases, and Pathways Forward Oxford University Press
Bullock, G. and van der Ven, H. (2020). The Shadow of the Consumer: Analyzing the Importance of Consumers to the Uptake and Sophistication of Ratings, Certifications, and Eco-Labels Organization & Environment 33(1): 75-95
Singer, A and van der Ven, H. (2019). Beyond market, firm, and state: Mapping the ethics of global value chains Business and Society Review 124(3): 325-343
van der Ven, H. and Cashore, B. (2018). Forest Certification: The Challenge of Measuring Impacts Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 32: 104-111
van der Ven, H., Rothacker, C. and Cashore, B. (2018). Do eco-labels prevent deforestation? Lessons from non-state market driven governance in the soy, palm oil, and cocoa sectors Global Environmental Change 52: 141-151
van der Ven, H. (2018). Gatekeeper Power: Understanding the Influence of Lead Firms over Transnational Sustainability Standards Review of International Political Economy 25(5): 624-646
van der Ven, H., Bernstein, S., and Hoffmann, M. (2017). Valuing the Contributions of Non-State and Subnational Actors to Climate Governance Global Environmental Politics 17(1): 1-20
Bernstein, S. and H. van der Ven (2017). Best Practices in Global Governance Review of International Studies 43(3): 534-556
van der Ven, H. (2015). Correlates of Rigorous and Credible Transnational Governance: A Cross-Sectoral Analysis of Best Practice Compliance in Eco-Labeling Regulation & Governance 9(3): 276-293
van der Ven, H. (2014). Socializing the C-Suite: Why Some Big-Box Retailers are ‘Greener’ than Others Business and Politics 16(1): 31-63