Graduation Requirements and Timeline

Both the MASc and MSc in Forestry programs require completion of a thesis, a Forestry oral communications course (FRST 544 or approved alternate), and other approved courses for a total of 30 credits.  Thesis work can be worth 6, 12, or 18 credits, with the corresponding number of course credits adjusted accordingly.  In addition to FRST 544, FRST 545 (Scientific Writing) is recommended for all international students.  FRST 547 (Forestry in BC) is strongly recommended for all students from outside of British Columbia, or from non-forestry backgrounds.

Thesis credit weight and courses are selected at the start of your program, in consultation with your supervisor.

The master’s defence must be successfully passed, and the completed master’s thesis must meet the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate & Post-doctoral Studies.

Time in the program for Forestry MASc/MSc students varies, depending on the nature of the student’s research.  The average timeline is 3 years.

Check out completed Forestry theses and dissertations online via the UBC Library.