UBC Forestry Announces the Launch of Two New Micro-Certificates

Personalized, adaptable and industry-aligned, UBC Forestry’s two new Micro-Certificates address the gap in online forestry education. 

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The Faculty of Forestry continues to build out its breadth of accessible, flexible and virtual learning opportunities with the launch of two new Micro-Certificates in Forest Carbon Management (FCM) and Climate Action and Community Engagement (CACE)

Delivered exclusively online, these new programs leverage UBC’s renowned remote education tools and technology to provide instruction to communities across the world, and bring UBC Forestry to working professionals and beyond. 

With the pressing urgency of the climate crisis and a call for interdisciplinary action across all sectors, UBC Forestry’s new micro-certificate programs aim to address the need for practical and applicable expertise in sustainable, responsible forest management and community action. 

“In the area of climate change and the workforce, there has been a real gap identified for applied tools and management practices on the ground, and professionals are really searching for this,” says Dr. Sheri Andrews-Key, Micro-Certificate Program Director, “That’s why we are developing these programs, to help build this capacity.”

Spanning 8-weeks, participants will join leading scholars and subject-matter experts in graduate-level courses rooted in real-world applications to gain additional skills and diversify employment opportunities and roles, or help meet entry requirements for relevant UBC undergraduate or professional programs.

Jorma Neuvonen, Assistant Dean, Professional Education and International Collaboration says, “These programs offer amazing opportunities to bridge the gap in Canada’s forestry education, and are really the first of its kind to offer quality, flexible education directly to learners at their convenience. And this accessibility is key to ensuring that graduates are prepared to work, adapt and grow in their careers in a rapidly changing world.” 

Aerial shot of a forest with a road crossing through it

FCM and CACE follow UBC Forestry’s previous success in online micro-certificates, with classes beginning in October 2022. 

“I attended two UBC Forestry online courses and both of them built my knowledge, widened my international networks and enriched my critical thinking,” says a past student. 

Applications for both programs are now open.

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