Are you interested in the environmental sciences? Think that tackling climate change could be in your future? Inspired to study in a place that prioritizes social justice, inclusion, and social responsibility? Choosing an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Forestry could be your next important step! 

A bachelor’s degree in Forestry offers so many learning choices – from the latest innovation in biofuels, to hands-on learning in the forest to sustainably managing ecosystems – just to name a few. And not only do our graduates go on to have careers that make a difference in the world but they have some of the highest employment rates in the university. 

Browse through our program options below and be sure to get in touch with our award-winning Student Services team so they can walk you through your exciting future! 

Elevate Your Degree

Elevate Your Degree

UBC Forestry strongly believes in providing unique, professional, and experiential learning opportunities for all our undergraduate students.

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