Public demands are continually changing, and a wide variety of innovative methods for harvesting are required. They often involve the use of complex transportation and logging systems. With a foundation in silviculture and forest engineering, graduates can take advantage of the wide variety of career opportunities available to them in the forest industry across Canada, and around the world.

Careers in Forest Operations traditionally include designing and locating forest roads and cut blocks, and the development of efficient harvesting operations. A broad spectrum of related opportunities are also available, from land base planning, through to regeneration and stand tending. Alternatively, jobs exist in government agencies to oversee industrial operations, evaluate timber supplies or manage small business programs. Still, others pursue careers in research and development or are hired by consultants who specialize in forest operations planning.

Possible career options include:

  • Registered Professional Forester (RPF)
  • Area Supervisor, Harvesting
  • Development Forester
  • Total Resource Planning Forester
  • Division Engineer
  • Woodlands Manager
  • Timber Salvage Officer
  • Road Engineer Specialist
  • Forest Operations Supervisor
  • Logging Engineer
  • Timberlands Manager
  • Harvesting Superintendent
  • Forest Engineer
  • Sustainability Developer
  • Stewardship Officer
  • Chief Forester