Forest Operations

Join one of our two accredited programs in the Faculty where graduates are eligible to become Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) and gain the essential skills to make real change in our forests. If you seek the challenge of applying technology and science to create environmentally and economically sound harvesting plans, then the Forest Operations program may be for you.

Why choose Forest Operations?

Forest Operations prepares students for planning and implementing complex harvesting operations that maximize economic returns and minimize environmental impact. The program is based on biological, physical, and social sciences, with advanced courses in geotechnical engineering, forest road design and slope stability, analysis of harvesting systems for economic efficiency and site protection, and planning and scheduling of harvests and transportation systems. Upon graduation, students from this program can apply to become Registered Professional Forester.

Dual Degree Option

Earn a Bachelor of Natural Resources in Forest Operations and a Master of Management in 4.5 years with the Forestry Dual Degree program.

Land One Option

The Land One program is a great option for first-year students who want a smaller classroom experience. Learn about forest management and food security in a tight-knit cohort environment.

Co-op Option

Gain paid work experience related to your degree and acquire the experience necessary to launch your career with our Forestry Co-op Program.