Career Resources

Forestry graduates are highly employable and are equipped with skills to work in various careers. During your undergraduate studies, apply to our Co-op program to gain valuable work experience, build your network, and earn a great salary.

As a UBC student, you also have access to a wide range of career services through the UBC Career Centre and access to a valuable network of Faculty of Forestry Alumni.

Learn more about what you can do with your Forestry degree.

Career Opportunities

A career in Forestry can take you in many different directions and to may different places around the world. Here are just a few of the many career opportunities associated with each degree program.

Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology
Manager of Sustainability
Climate Change Technical Specialist
Environmental Analyst
Public Policy Analyst
Emissions Engineer

Wildlife or Fisheries Biologist
Environmental Consultant
Land-use Planner
Environmental Educator
Environmental Lawyer

Forest Management
Watershed Manager
Forest Planner
Chief Forester
Silvicultural Forester
Woodlands Manager

Forest Operations
Woodlands Engineer
Forest Development Manager
Planning Forester
Forest Operations Manager
Development Engineer

Forest Sciences
Forest Geneticist
Biodiversity Specialist
Fisheries and Wildlife Officer
Forest Ecologist
Marine Biologist

Wood Products
Business Analyst
Project Engineer
Operations Manager
Product Development
Technical Sales

Urban Forestry
Urban Greenspace Manager
Landscape Architect
Parks and Recreation Manager
Tree Risk/Health Assessor
Urban Planner
Policy Analyst