Academic Advising

The Faculty of Forestry offers program and academic advising for all Forestry undergraduate students either by appointment or on a drop-in basis. We can provide you with information about your degree program and help make sure you are on track to graduate. We are also here to help guide you through the maze of academic rules and regulations.

If you are facing any medical, emotional, or personal circumstances that may negatively impact your academic performance, your Program Advisor can help by explaining your options and working with you to resolve the situation. It is in your best interest to meet with your Advisor or Program Director regularly, especially before any serious academic problems arise.

General Undergraduate Program Information

Forestry Student Services (Advising Office)
Forest Sciences Centre, Room 2609
Phone: 604-822-1834
Toll Free: 1-888-933-9663
Fax: 604-822-8645

1st Year Students – All Programs

Forestry Student Services (Advising Office)
Forest Sciences Centre, Room 2609
Phone: 604-822-1834
Toll Free: 1-888-933-9663
Fax: 604-822-8645

Program Planning – 2nd Year and Higher, or Transfer Students

BUF (Urban Forestry)
Sara Barron
Program Director
Phone: 604-802-6131

BSF (Forest Resources Management & Forest Operations)
Dominik Roeser
Program Director
FSC 2036
Phone: 604-822-3559

BSc (Forest Sciences)
Allan Carroll 
Program Director
FSC 3034
Phone: 604-822-3360

BSc (Natural Resources Conservation)
Jeanine Rhemtulla
Program Director
FSC 3609
Phone: 604-827-1785

BSc (Wood Products Processing)
Vincent Leung
Program Director
FSC 2900
Phone: 604-827-2661

BSc (Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology – BEST)
Scott Renneckar
Program Director
FSC 4034
Phone: 604-827-0637

Undergraduate Programs
Scott Hinch
Associate Dean, Students
FSC 3041
Phone: 604-822-9377
By appointment only, please