Scholarships & Awards

Faculty of Forestry Student Scholarships and Awards

Whether you’re in your first year or graduating year, applying for a loan or applying for jobs, it’s probably safe to say that money matters are important to you.
The University recognizes this and through the support of donors and the provincial and federal governments, it offers a range of programs that recognize students with outstanding academic achievement and provides financial assistance to students who cannot meet basic educational costs (Source: SFA website).
If you have questions regarding tuition, student loans and goverment grants, please check the Student Financial Assistance and Awards website. They also offer in-person advising both by drop-in and on an appointment basis.
Over $50,000 is available each year to be given to qualified Forestry students!
Simply looking ahead and setting some goals for yourself this year may give you the edge you need to qualify for scholarships,bursaries, or prizes! All your hard work will pay off…literally.

You may qualify for scholarships if:

  • you have an overall GPA (Term 1 and Term 2classes) of 75% or higher based on your best 24 credits taken during the year;
  • you take 24 credits or more this year;
  • you passed all your courses this year; and
  • you are registered in at least 24 credits for the following year.

If you set these goals this year, you may be well on your way to having part of your school tuition covered next year. You do NOT need to apply for most scholarships.

Awards…Scholarships…Prizes? What’s the difference?

AWARDS are used as a generic term encompassing all forms of financial assistance (scholarships, prizes and bursaries).

SCHOLARSHIPS are awards that recognize students’ scholastic achievements. Many scholarships are based on a student’s participation in student government,athletics, or other student activities, as well as having key personal qualities that are highlighted in the award description.

PRIZES are open to all students and the grade and credit criteria listed previously do not necessarily need to be met. Each prize has its own criteria based on the donor’s wishes. For example, some prizes are given to the top student of a certain course (e.g.Forest Pathology).

How to Apply & Award Criteria

Forestry Scholarships & Prizes
If you are a registered student in the Faculty of Forestry and have all the qualifications/criteria mentioned previously, you are automatically considered for the abovementioned scholarships and awards and do not need to apply. (with the exception of the TLA). For the Truck Loggers Association Entrance Scholarship, please contact Forestry Student Services (FSC 2609).

Affiliation Scholarships
Because of the specific nature of the criteria for these scholarships, an application is required in order to identify eligible candidates. Affiliation Scholarships are awarded to students who are either members of an organization, union, specific firm or industry; based on scholastic achievement; or to students who exhibit specific personal characteristics.

If you do not meet any of the criteria, but the award description says something like “If no such candidate is available, the universitymay grant the scholarship to a worthy and deserving candidate,” then APPLY ANYWAY – you may get lucky!

Award Criteria View a complete list of all award options at UBC.