The Faculty of Forestry offers online courses and certificate programs taught by leading industry professionals designed specifically for flexible learning in a collaborative environment.

Rocky mountains with snow on the peaks

CVA Micro-Certificate

The Faculty of Forestry’s Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA) Micro-Certificate is a flexible 8-week online program that provides forest professionals with an understanding of climate science, vulnerability assessments, adaptation development, and how it is applied to management and business case adaptation.

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GCFMC Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Forest Management and Conservation (GCFMC) is a graduate level certificate that can be completed online in 2 years or less. Students, from all over the world, with a desire to leverage new technology and use science-based practices, will learn the tools to sustainably manage forests in the rapidly changing social and political environment. The course is ideal for working professionals looking to advance their careers.

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Haida Gwaii Institute

Haida Gwaii Professional Development Programs

The Haida Gwaii Institute offers programs designed to give individuals the knowledge, skills and tools they need to create a culture of innovation, inclusivity and collaboration that will advance their organization, business and/or community of practice.

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