Terms & Conditions

UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions of enrolment in the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program are in addition to those policies and regulations listed in the UBC Co-op Student Handbook.  If there is a conflict among these documents, the order of precedence will be as follows: (1) these UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program Terms and Conditions and (2) the UBC Co-op Student Handbook.  To participate in the Co-op Program, you must agree to the terms and conditions in The Hub before the start of each co-op work term.
The UBC Forestry Co-op Program reserves the right to update, modify or revise these Terms & Conditions as necessary and without notice.  Questions about being required to sign these terms and conditions may be directed to the Director of Student Services at chiara.longhi@ubc.ca.
I understand and agree to comply with all of the following terms and conditions

  • To be registered by the Co-op Program in one co-op course for each four-month work term I am scheduled to complete.
  • To pay the co-op course tuition for every co-op work term (consecutive or not) by the due dates specified in the UBC Calendar whether I secure a co-op placement through the Co-op Program or through an independent job search.

  • That the Co-op Coordinator will access my academic records for the purposes of the Co-op Program.
  • To give permission to UBC to release my resume, cover letter, transcripts, and other relevant information to prospective employers for placement during co-op work terms while I am enrolled in the Co-op Program.
  • To keep the co-op job posting information, employer lists, contacts, etc., confidential.
  • To consent to have my contact information (including name, email and IP address) stored on the MailChimp server, located in the United States, so that I may receive the Forestry Co-op Newsletter each month.
  • That the Co-op Coordinator may record meetings and site visits.
  • I hereby give The University of British Columbia (“UBC”) permission to use images of me (including any motion picture or still photographs of my likeness, poses, acts and appearances or the sound records of my voice) ("Images") for any purposes in connection with promoting the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program and its activities (the “Purposes”), which may include advertising, promotion and marketing. UBC may crop, alter or modify Images of me and combine such Images with other images, text and graphics, without notifying me. I understand that my personal information, including Images of me, is being collected pursuant to section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 165. I consent to my name being displayed in connection with the appearance of my Image. I consent to my name and images being stored, accessed or disclosed outside of Canada.

  • To pay the co-op pre-employment workshop fee by the deadline set by the Co-op Program, and understand that this fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance to the Co-op Program.
  • To attend all the co-op workshops on pre-employment training, which are prerequisites to full acceptance in the Program.
  • To attend all the Co-op Presentation Nights associated with my degree program unless I am on a co-op work term or enrolled in a UBC field school course located outside of the Lower Mainland.

  • To maintain a minimum, cumulative grade average of 68% to remain in the Co-op Program (64% at the time I apply to join the Co-op Program).

  • To respond within 36 hours to all messages from the Co-op Coordinator and/or Student Services on behalf of the Co-op Coordinator.
  • To notify the Co-op Coordinator of any changes regarding my work eligibility, work status or current contact information within 36 hours of any change.
  • To inform the Co-op Coordinator, immediately or no later than 36 hours, of any inappropriate, unsafe, and/or unethical behaviour or treatment during the Co-op Program, including work experiences.

  • That it is ultimately my responsibility to secure co-op work term employment and that the Co-op Program does not guarantee employment during a co-op work term.
  • To apply to the minimum number of positions (set each year by your Co-op Coordinator) posted on The Hub and/or through my own, simultaneous, independent job search.
  • To discuss my independent job search with the Co-op Coordinator and keep him/her updated on my progress.
  • To allow the Co-op Program to solicit positions on my behalf.
  • Not to directly solicit positions from a previous co-op employer on my own (or any other student’s) behalf without prior permission from the Co-op Coordinator.
  • To provide the Co-op Program and prospective employers with accurate and appropriate information regarding my qualifications and interests.
  • That I will not falsify information in my application packages, during interviews or meetings with prospective employers

  • To attend all interviews with employers who have selected me as a candidate, and to conduct myself professionally throughout the process.
  • That the Co-op Coordinator may, if necessary, select interview times on my behalf.
  • That interviews will only be rescheduled at the sole discretion of the employer, for exams, health reasons or emergencies and I will notify the Co-op Coordinator immediately of any interviews I am unable to attend for any of these reasons.

  • To consult with the Co-op Coordinator before accepting a job offer and allow him/her to contact this employer to ensure the position satisfies the criteria of a co-op work term and to inform the employer of the co-op guidelines.
  • That participation in the Co-op Program will very likely require me to accept positions outside the proximity of campus and that, although many companies subsidize relocation expenses, I may be required to pay the associated travel expenses. If I have any restrictions concerning location and travel, I will discuss them with the Co-op Coordinator prior to applying for jobs. I am aware that geographic location is not a valid reason for turning down a job offer and that I may be assigned a ‘Fail’  grade for the co-op course and/or withdrawn from the Co-op Program as a result of doing so.
  • To be prepared to accept the position(s) for which I have interviewed.
  • To allow the Co-op Coordinator to accept or reject job offers on my behalf at any time during the placement process.
  • That I may only request to reject one job offer during one of my senior co-op work terms and that in order to do so, I must arrange a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator to discuss my rationale and seek approval.
  • To accept the salary offered by employers and will not attempt to negotiate it.
  • That if I return to a co-op employer for any subsequent co-op work term, I will be registered in the co-op course and pay the co-op course tuition.
  • That once I have accepted in writing or verbally an offer of employment, if I break my contract of employment, I will not be satisfying the conditions of the Co-op Program and may be assigned a ‘Fail’ grade for the co-op course.
  • That I will respond to job offers within 48 hours (unless otherwise specified by the employer or Co-op Coordinator).

  • That while on a co-op work term, I will be supervised by the employer and not the University.
  • To inform my employer immediately or no later than 36 hours of any inappropriate, unsafe, and/or unethical behaviour or treatment during a co-op work term.
  • To comply with all policies and procedures of my employer, including any regarding confidential/proprietary information, both during and after a work term.
  • To behave appropriately and according to all UBC policies, procedures and guidelines for the duration of my participation in the Co-op Program.
  • To follow the procedures as outlined in The Hub and UBC Co-op Student Handbook.
  • That prior to enrolling in more than one academic course during any work term, I will seek approval from the Co-op Coordinator and work supervisor.
  • That I am required to submit a Work Term assignment for every co-op work term (whether or not any of my placements span multiple consecutive work terms) and that I am aware that each assignment is due as outlined in the UBC Forestry Co-op Student Handbook. A late assignment will result in being assigned a ‘Fail’ grade for the Co-op course and/or withdrawal from the Co-op Program.
  • That I must meet the minimum requirements on the evaluation from my employer, a satisfactory grade on my work term assignment and submit all required work term forms on The Hub in order to receive a ‘Pass’ for the co-op work term.
  • That if I am unable to complete a co-op work term in progress for ill health or personal reasons, I am eligible to receive a ‘Pass’ for the work term if all of the following occur:
    • I notify the Co-op Coordinator, to confirm the employer is aware that I am unable to complete the work term;
    • I provide the Co-op Coordinator, if appropriate, with a supporting letter from my doctor or medical certificate;
    • The Co-op Coordinator determines that my performance and learning process on the co-op work term to date have been satisfactory; and
    • My employer evaluates my initial work term performance as meeting the minimum requirements.

  • To complete a minimum of four (4) scheduled work terms in the Co-op Program, with at least one in the winter or fall term (students in the 3+2 program must complete three (3) co-op work terms and may not be permitted to complete more than three (3) work terms through co-op. Other transfer students should consult with their Co-op Coordinator regarding the number of work terms required.
  • To follow the co-op work term schedule for my degree program; except where changes to the co-op schedule have been discussed with the Co-op Coordinator, followed by a formal written request and written approval by the Co-op Coordinator.
  • That I must complete my degree on an academic term.
  • That Co-op designation on my degree will only be awarded upon successful completion of all Co-op Program requirements.

  • That any requests to withdraw from a job search period and/or deviate from the standard co-op work term sequence for your degree program, must be received by the Co-op Program by the following dates:
    • For Winter work term (January to April) - by October 15th
    • For Summer work term (May to August) - by February 15th
    • For Fall work term (September to December) - by June 15th

That if my withdrawal/deviation request is received by the date listed above I will be allowed to withdraw without penalty or notation on my transcript.

That if my withdrawal/deviation request is not received by the required date as noted above, I may be assigned a “Withdrawal” standing on the co-op course and responsible for paying 100% of the co-op tuition fee for the term in addition to all other student related fees.

That if I fail to complete the formal withdrawal or deviation procedures I may be responsible for all assessed fees and assigned a ‘Fail’ grade for the co-op course.

That I will not be permitted to withdraw from the scheduled co-op course associated with my co-op work term if I have obtained a job through my independent job search.  Enrolment in the co-op course will be required and I will be responsible for all associated fees.

  • That I may be assigned a ‘Fail’ grade on a co-op course for any of the following reasons:
    • Failure to honour a signed job offer;
    • Failure to report for work at the location specified by the employer;
    • Ending a work term placement early prior to completion without permission from  the Co-op Program and the employer;
    • Removal by the employer for cause;
    • Failure to submit required documents on The Hub.
  • That acceptance of a job offer spanning consecutive four (4) month co-op work terms necessitates my completion of all requirements for each four (4) month work term and that if I terminate the work agreement early without the consent of the Co-op Program, I may be assessed a failing grade for each work term.
  • That the Co-op Coordinator may assign a ‘Fail’ grade on a co-op course or remove a student from the Co-op Program for failure to comply with any of these UBC Forestry Co-op Terms and Conditions or the co-op procedures outlined in the UBC Co-op Student Handbook.

  • That I may, at any time, request a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator to discuss concerns over a decision made pertaining to my standing in the Co-op Program.
  • That if I am unable to reach an agreement with the Co-op Coordinator, I may appeal his/her decision as per the Student Appeals Procedures in the UBC Forestry Co-op Student Handbook.
  • That if a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved within the Co-op Program,  I may formally request a meeting with the Faculty of Forestry, Associate Dean, Academic, for a decision in the appeals process.
  • That if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the Associate Dean, Academic I may appeal the decision of the Associate Dean, Academic to the University Senate, Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing in accordance with the procedures listed in the University Calendar.