Working Abroad

International work term opportunities are sometimes available, in addition to the local and national work term opportunities available to co-op students.

Contact your Co-op Coordinator if you are interested in pursuing an international work term.

Securing an International Work Term

If you are a current UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Student and would like to begin the International Work Term job search process, please book an appointment with a Co-op Coordinator to discuss your interest in International Co-op.

Successfully securing an international work term requires advanced planning and a strong International Personal Marketing Plan. Go Global is a key resource at UBC that develops and facilitates international learning opportunities through academic exchanges, group study programs, research, and service-learning.

For students bound to the USA for a co-op work term, a J1 Visa is required to legally commence work. For more information, please visit Cultural Vistas. Cultural Vistas is a non-profit organization, providing international exchange opportunities that strengthen global networks, enhance professional skills, and advance mutual understanding in an interconnected world.