UBC is internationally recognized for its high academic standards and rich learning environment. The university hosts students from 151 countries with more than 275,000 alumni living in 120 countries around the world.  UBC and the Faculty of Forestry actively foster Global Citizenship within its curriculum, culture, and strategic commitments.

International students are welcome to participate in co-op and gain the opportunity to work locally in Vancouver, nationally across Canada, or internationally as part of their academic studies.

We encourage all international students to consult the eligibility requirements and consider applying to the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program.

Co-op students are conducting research in South Africa and Germany, working with the forestry department in Finland, or conducting Quality Control and Process Improvement studies at a leading MDF manufacturing Plant in China.

Around the globe – wherever your employment needs may be – our students are there to work.

If you are a current UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Student and would like to begin the International Work Term job search process, please contact a Co-op Coordinator to discuss your interest in International Co-op.