Undergraduate Degree Details

Students can find their degree course requirements below, note that some of the degrees are being replaced by a single degree with several different majors. For some degrees, your ‘year of start’ will determine which degree version you should be following. Minor program changes often occur from year to year. Students must adhere to the program version for the year you started the program*. See UBC calendar archives for the exact program requirements for you.

Contact student services if you have any concerns.

For students who started in fall 2023 or earlier, the following degrees will continue to be available until 2028

B.Sc. (Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology) – See course requirements*

B.Sc. (Forest Sciences) – See course requirements* 

B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) – See course requirements* 

B.Sc. (Wood Products Processing) – See course requirements* 

B.S.F. (Forestry) – See course requirements*

For students starting in fall 2024 or later

B.Sc. (Natural Resources) [this degree replaces all of those above] – See course requirements 

B.I.L.S. (Bachelor of Indigenous Land Stewardship) – See course requirements 

B.U.F. (Bachelor of Urban Forestry) – See course requirements*