Prospective Supervisors for PhD & MASc/MSc Programs

Forest Resources Management

Biometrics/Mensuration Valerie LeMay Growth and Yield, Sampling Design Peter Marshall
Environmental Perception and Visualization, Recreation and GIS Michael Meitner Human Behavioral and Policy Dimensions/Social Research Methods Shannon Hagerman
Forest Biometrics Bianca Eskelson Indigenous Forestry Janette Bulkan
Energy Hisham Zerriffi Silviculture David Montwé
Forest Economics and Forest Policy Inquiries from prospective MSc students only. PhD students not being considered at this time. Gary Bull Quantitative Genetics Yousry El-Kassaby
Forest Economics and Forest Policy Harry Nelson Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Modeling in Forestry and Ecology Nicholas Coops
Sustainable Forest Management, Cumulative Impacts Analysis, First Nations John Innes Forest Operations Dominik Roeser
Forest Engineering Hydrology Younes Alila Urban Forestry Cecil Konijnendijk
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Cole Burton Climate change, forest policy, forest management Guangyu Wang
Urban Forestry and Urban Soils Susan Day Urban Forestry Lorien Nesbitt
Forest Science, Forest Economics, Forest and Industrial Engineering Gregory Paradis Urban Forest Design Keunhyun Park
Silviculture Ignacio Barbeito Urban Ecology and Sustainability Melissa McHale
Professor David Bunn Indigenous Land and Natural Resources Governance William Nikolakis
Invasive Species Management, Ecological Restoration, Jennifer Grenz Land Conflicts, Land-use Change Juliet Lu
Forest Measurements Tzeng Yih Lam Social-Ecological Climate Resilience in Urban and Peri-Urban Landscapes Tahia Devisscher

Forest and Conservation Sciences Department

Aquatic Ecology and Fish Conservation Scott Hinch Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Biochemistry of Forest Trees Jörg Bohlmann
Avian Ecology and Conservation Kathy Martin Plant Physiology Robert Guy
Climate Models Tongli Wang Population Ecology of Birds and Mammals Peter Arcese
Forest Ecology, Dendrochronology Lori Daniels Community Ecology Elizabeth Wolkovich
Forest Ecology and Silvics Lab full. Graduate students not being considered at this time. Suzanne Simard Soil Microbiology Christopher Chanway
Forest Genetics and Gene Conservation Sally Aitken Soil Microbial Ecology Susan Grayston
Forest Nutrition Cindy Prescott Soil Science Maja Krzic
Forest Pathology Richard Hamelin Stream-Riparian Ecosystems John Richardson
Insect Ecology Allan Carroll Watershed Landscape Ecology Sarah Gergel
Landscape ecology, Ecosystem services, and Socio-ecological systems Jeanine Rhemtulla Nature, Outdoor Spaces, and Public Health Matilda van den Bosch
Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono Ecology Jonathan Davies
Global Forestry Jeffrey Sayer Tropical Forestry and Food Security Terry Sunderland
Marine Conservation Emily Rubidge Conservation Decision Science Tara Martin
PhD & MASc/MSc Programs Sarah Benson-Amram Indigenous Natural Sciences Danielle Ignace
Coastal Wetland Ecosystems Alex Moore Plant Biodiversity Warren Cardinal-McTeague
Global Change Ecology of Northern Ecosystems Isla Myers-Smith Evolutionary Genetics Tom Booker

Wood Science Department

Advanced Renewable Materials Scott Renneckar Wood Anatomy and Quality Simon Ellis
Biotechnology and Chemistry of Wood Fibres Shawn Mansfield Wood Composites Gregory Smith
Sustainable Business Management Robert Kozak Wood Machining Julie Cool
Forest Products Biotechnology Jack Saddler Wood Mechanics Frank Lam
Operational Research, Performance Assessment Taraneh Sowlati Photoprotection and Modification of Wood Philip Evans
Wood Physics and Drying Stavros Avramidis Glycoscience and Advanced Carbohydrate Chemistry Jiang Feng
Bio-based Nanomaterials Emily Cranston Wood Building Design & Construction Cristiano Loss
Markets & Economics Christopher Gaston Engineered Wood Products, Bamboo Utilization Technology Chunping Dai
Sustainable Bioeconomy, Biorefinery, Industrial ecology Qingshi Tu Sustainable Business Management of Natural Resources Hamish van der Ven
Biobased Colloids and Materials Orlando Rojas Synthetic Biology Jaya Joshi
Mass Timber Structures Minghao Li Sustainable Construction Haibo Feng
Sustainable Timber-Built Environment – Fire Safety Felix Wiesner